What to do if your garage door breaks

diy garage door repair

What to do when your garage door breaks down

We don’t spend much time thinking about our garage doors. Like refrigerators and indoor plumbing, the less you think about it the better. (it means they’re working) If you are thinking about your garage door, and you probably are since you’re reading this article, it is mostly likely because it is not working and in need of repair. The relevant question isn’t whether you are going to repair it. Just like the fridge, the garage door needs to work; it is not optional. So what do you do when you need your garage door repaired? You can do one of two things: you can don your DIY hat, get out your ladder and overalls and try to figure it out yourself, or you can call a repairman.

DIY Garage Door Repair

To repair your garage door yourself, you have to look at what is causing the problem and then be able to know what part might need replacing to fix the problem. Is the bottom of the door up on one side? You might need to replace the torsion spring cable. Or maybe the door won’t open and you might need to replace the extension spring. The point is you have to know how to diagnose your problem before you can fix it. That is step one.

Step two of DIY garage door repair will be getting the correct part and actually fixing it. Depending on your system and the needed part, it might be hard to know/get what you need. Working with some of these parts can be dangerous, too. Tension springs need to be loosened properly and can be confusing to work with if you are not experienced. Not to mention that working up on a ladder is not everyone’s idea of a good time. You also need to find the time to do the repair. A broken garage door is a home security issue so you want to get it repaired sooner rather than later.


Professional Garage Door Repair


What should you do when DIY garage door repair doesn’t go as planned?

Call Denver Garage Door Repairman! We offer fast, same day emergency services. We can replace broken springs, rollers, cables, hinges, sensors and weather seals at an affordable price. 

We have specially trained technicians that can repair a variety of garage door brands, styles, and configurations. We bring the parts needed with us. We can quickly diagnose the problem and walk you through the options for fixing it and they probably do think that working up on a ladder is a good time. 

While it is not impossible to repair your broken garage door yourself, in the end, you will save time and money (and potential agitation) getting your garage door repaired by a professional.

Contact Denver Garage Door Repairman today for your free quote!